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Arnette sunglasses aren't exactly "pretty boy" sunglasses. In fact, they are the kind of sunglasses that appeal to your inner bad boy (or girl), who knows that no matter how "bad" you are, you should protect your eyes from ultraviolet damage. Arnette's are big among professional athletes because of their performance and innovative designs. They offer the highest quality scratch and impact-resistant lenses. They're lightweight, but hang on effortlessly, and they can stand up to the lifestyles of the surfers, skaters, and wakeboarders who love them. The frames of Arnette sunglasses are made of grilamid nylon or metal. The grilamid helps the sunglasses keep their original shape even in extreme temperatures. Plus, the frames have rubber nose pads that keep your shades on in the water. The nose pads are made to get sticky when wet, making it harder for the water to steal your sunglasses from you. That's one reason they're so popular with surfers. Arnette makes a wide range of high performance sunglasses for men and women, in a variety of colors you can choose for frames and lenses. And they come with a cool case, too so they can travel in style when you don't need them. And if that weren't enough, they're quite affordable for sunglasses that offer so much in the way of style and performance.

From product design to in-store merchandise, Arnette embraces a 360° sustainable vision. The commitment: to use only bio-based materials for its collections. All glasses from the Bio-Acetate Collection are made of high-quality bio-based material coming from renewable sources (bio-acetate for the frame and bio-plastic for the lens). All sunglasses come with a dedicated pouch made of 78% recycled polyamide and with a 25% recycled ABS stopper. The box is also completely recyclable.