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  • Photochromic 1 to 3
    Photochromic 1 to 3
  • Photochromic

Julbo Starwind Blue/Pink Zebra Light Red Flash Red




Designed for expert and demanding men and women riders, the new Julbo Starwind is the ideal goggle for small to medium faces. 

Blue/Pink frame, Zebra Light Red Flash Red Photochromic lens.

  • Modèle : Unisex
  • Two years warranty / Julbo
  • Paiement en 2x sans frais à partir de 199€

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Available in these colors

  • Julbo Starwind Pink/Blue Zebra Light Red Flash Blue $167.17
  • Julbo Starwind Blue Snowtiger Multilayer Fire $176.51
  • Julbo Starwind Dark Grey/Blue Cameleon Flash Blue $176.51
  • Julbo Starwind White/Black Zebra Light Red Flash Red $167.17
  • Julbo Starwind Black Cameleon Flash Silver $176.51


  • $3.55



Designed for expert and demanding men and women riders, the new Julbo Starwind is the ideal goggle for small to medium faces. Compact and offering top performance, it incorporates the best of Julbo technologies such as their Minimalist Frame and its XXL field of vision, the Superflow System with its superb ventilation as well as all Julbo photochromic lenses. This premium goggle is produced in highly sophisticated finishes to please skiers with demanding standards when it comes to both technique and style.

REACTIV photochromic lens
Double spherical lens
Minimalist Frame
Anatomic frame
SuperFlow System
Air Flow
Ventilated lens
Anti-fog coating
Axis Strap
Symetrical adjustement
Full silicone strap
Dual Soft Foam

Data sheet

  • Gender : Unisex
  • Age : Adult
  • Type : Spherical
  • Size : Large
  • Color : Blue Pink
  • Use : Hiking, Mountaineering Ski/Snowboard
  • Model : Julbo Starwind
  • Lens : Zebra Light Red
  • UV index : Photochromic 1 to 3
  • Lens Features : Mirror Polycarbonate
  • Product Type : Ski goggles
  • Lens option : Photochromic
  • Lens treatment : Oleophobic Anti-fog
  • Warranty : Two years warranty / Julbo

La marque : Julbo

When the foundation is solid, you have the strength to open up to the world and turn to the future.

The strength of the Julbo brand lies in its French Jura mountain origins from where it continues to operate, its history and family values, and its wealth of experience (since 1888!).
Julbo looks at the world with an open, alert mind, listening to the needs of each man, woman and child, each adventurer, each sportsperson and the incredible planet that fills our eyes with wonder!

Over the past ten years Julbo has been a great growth, successful diversifications, products whose technology and design are rewarded by the profession... Julbo pursues its own strategy in the world eyewear market fiercely fought over by brands belonging to the major global groups and it has been crown with success.

Julbo is primarily a technical brand. Here, innovation starts with mastery of the creative process: design, modelling, scanning, reconstruction on 3D software?

The brand's own concept developers and designers work in collaboration with Team Julbo athletes (Enak Gavaggio, Franck Cammas, etc.) and professionals from the Ecole Nationale de Ski et d'Alpinisme (ENSA, the French National School of Skiing and Mountaineering) and the Ecole Nationale de Voile (ENV, the National Sailing School), technical advisers for the development and refinement of the products. With such collaborative assistance, Julbo generates innovations each year, developing new frame concepts to meet new sporting requirements.

Julbo has integrated Research and Development to manage the technical aspects (computer-aided design, mechanical workshop for the creation of its own tools, moulds and components). Drawing on its experience and expertise, Julbo selects the best materials and applies specific coatings : anti-reflective, ant-fogging, water repellent finishes etc. to create exclusive, highperformance lenses. All Julbo eyewear meets European, American and Australian standards, guaranteeing visual reliability and safety.

Now a reference brand in the sports sunglasses sector and an acknowledged leader in children's sunglasses, Julbo is extending its development to cover sunglasses aimed at the general public, and winter sports goggles and helmets.

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