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  • 3 (strong sunlight),
    3 (strong sunlight)
  • UV 400,
    UV 400

Persol 0714 Black Grey Green

0714 95/31


Persol PO0714 its folding version of the famous model Persol PO0649, which became famous on the face of Steve McQueen, who wore the Persol PO0714 in The Thomas Crown Affair.

Persol 0714 95/31: Black frame, Grey Green lenses. UV 400.
Handmade in Italy

  • Model : Men
  • Two years warranty / Persol
  • Payment in 2x free of charge from 199€

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Available in these colors

  • Persol 0714 Vintage Celebration Caffe Green Polarized $213.86
  • Persol 0714 Tortoise Brown Gradient $176.51
  • Persol 0714 Tortoise Brown Polarized $213.86
  • Persol 0714 Tortoise Grey Green $176.51
  • Persol 0714 Vintage Celebration Madreterra Green $176.51
  • Persol 0714 Vintage Celebration Madreterra Brown Gradient $176.51
  • Persol 0714 Havana Blue Gradient Polarized $213.86
  • Persol 0714 Black Green Polarized $213.86
  • Persol 0714 Steve Mc Queen Light Tortoise Blue Polarized $316.59
  • Persol 0714 Steve Mc Queen Black Blue Polarized $316.59
  • Persol 0714 Steve Mc Queen Large Polarized Blue Caffè $316.59


  • $5.60
  • $5.60


Persol PO0714 sunglasses are a superb fusion of function & style. Retro, metropolitan style for a model that adds an enviable practical aspect to the glamour and comfort.
The beautifully polished laminated acetate Persol PO0714 frames and durable patented meflecto temples ensure superb comfort & a perfect fit. The lenses are made of impact-resistance tempered glasses & ensure 100% protection from harmful UVA/UVB rays. This unique frame folds at the bridge hinges and halfway down the temples for compact storage!
Steve McQueen's Persol Sunglasses. Worn in the opening scenes of his 1968 cult film, The Thomas Crown Affair as they match up perfectly.

Up to ten additional phases are needed to produce the folding models. Each example is made in its entirety and then carefully broken at three points, on both sides and the bridge.
The bridge
Housings are created in the upper and lower parts to accommodate the hinges. The folding areas are then filed smooth for maximum comfort.
The Sides
After fitting a core, the hinge is applied and the sides then go through the finishing process.
Millimetre precision
In order to ensure a perfect fold, the nosepieces are slightly different to those of other Persol models.
The 714 is one of the cornerstones of the Persol collection.

Data sheet

  • Gender : Men
  • Age : Adult
  • Base : 6
  • Type : Fullrim
  • Size : Small Medium
  • Rx : Rx compatible
  • Made : Acetate
  • Shape : Aviator
  • Bridge : Key Hole
  • Nose Features : Molded nose bridge
  • Hinges : Persol Arrow
  • Arms Options : Meflecto
  • Features : Folding Frame
  • Color : Black
  • Temple Length : 140
  • Bridge Width : 21
  • Selections : Persol 714 Series
  • Model : Persol 0714 Steve McQueen
  • UV index : 3 (strong sunlight) UV 400
  • Lens Type : Mineral
  • Lens Color : Green
  • Product Type : Sunglasses
  • Comes with :
  • Warranty : Two years warranty / Persol

Brand : Persol

Persol has reached awareness - the awareness that in all its years of activity it has never followed fashion, it has created it. The awareness of having become a special brand, with sound qualities and characteristics that no other brand has ever succeeded in gaining. Yet it is also proud of being a brand that, although never loudly publicising its style, has made a name for itself with its charm and its subtle, sober yet very fashionable designs. Persol is a brand that has gone beyond trends and classic styles to make history. This collection, then, expresses the unique Persol look through the features that best characterise the brand - top quality, technology, style and charm. Models that follow a natural evolution, an image that continues to attract new enthusiasts eager to become part of the Persol world. The Persol awareness is also that of not having to follow anyone, of not being intimidated by trends, because the Persol look is already a legend and a style in itself. PERSOL, a name aptly derived from the Italian 'per il sole', meaning 'for the sun', is a brand with a rich heritage of manufacturing excellence, attention to detail and a perfect marriage of technology and design. Persol glasses owe their prestige to a number of patented features. First and foremost the MEFLECTO system, consisting of tiny cylinders (two to four) inserted by a craftsman like process into the temple arms to render them flexible, thereby assuring maximum comfort and snugness of fit. Then there is a SUPREME ARROW, which is both a functional component and the company's unmistakable signature logo. And last but not least the LENSES, always made from glass of the finest quality. To this day, Persol relies upon exclusive production processes that carry forward a long tradition of excellence, coupled with an authentically Italian vocation for stylistic and technological design innovation. Persol was created by Giuseppe Ratti in 1917 in order to satisfy the needs of pilots and sports drivers who required comfort, protection, and optimum vision. The protector glasses were the start of Persol. Persol comes from the phrase "per il sole" which means from the sun, highlighting the function of sunglasses. Persol has always been the brand of choice for athletes. However, in the 1990s, Persol expanded its brand and became a household designer name for sunglasses. Persol is made in Italy and can be found in its own boutiques or in luxury department stores.

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